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Our Services

Company 9 is your Heirship Solution.

We deliver the most complete research products  tailored to your needs.

Our researchers have in-depth knowledge of oil, gas and mineral title. Many of them having a decade or more experience as landmen before being selected and trained by our founder. This allows us to not only tailor our research to just what’s important to you but also to prepare runsheets, takeoffs, curative reports, flowcharts or whatever else you need in exactly the format you need it. 


We get satisifed customers, you get experienced professionals without having to dedicate and train landmen to new tasks or pay expensive day rates.

Focused Research

Heirship isn't geneaology. You don't need old photos, and family stories. You need wills, obituaries, birth records and other primary documents that will support your title and cure your clouds. We know just what you need and just where to find it. Saving you time and money.

Cost Effective

The toughest heirships aren’t local and smart research begins on-line. Why pay day rates and expenses for virtual work or time spent waiting for the mail? Dedicated to heirship, we work remotely and charge hourly. You avoid expenses and pay only for time that's truly spent working.


Heirs Found


Acres Cured

Dedicated to Heirship

Plenty of firms list heirship among their offerings, but mostly as an afterthought. We’ve tailored our service line to heirship and products that make sense paired with it. You won’t have to worry about a project failing because a “does-it-all” firm doesn’t have the experise they claim.

We offer:

  • Full Searches

  • Project Management

  • Consulting

  • Land Services

  • Staffing

  • Locator Services

Full Searches

We work to find ALL heirs with mineral interests, determine what they own and how they own it. No more messing about with 'Direct', 'Multiple', 'Level 1' or other search types that mean things to geneaologists and not to land services companies,


Your heirships will be run by an experienced project manager, providing a single point of contact and trusted relationship. Researchers as well, our PMs will coordinate searches, collate data and review deliverables for consistency and completeness. All with no additional fees.


Need something other than a search? From building you an in-house heirship group, to revising your workflows and procedures, to just pointing you in the right direction. We are experienced consultants and can tailor our services to your needs no matter how big or small.

Land Services

We've cultivated strong relationships across the industry. If you need land services beyond heirship we know where to send you. Acquisition, title, due diligence, even mapping services, we can put you in touch with the absolute best.


We find people. If your oganization needs additional staff -- a landman, project manager or researcher -- we can help you find them. With experience in all those areas we'll even handle the initial vetting. You'll get a top notch resource without having to wade through a mountain of resumes of non-qualified candidates.

Locator Services

Identifying mineral owners is one thing, getting ahold of them can be something else entirely. Let us use our databases to compile lists of likely phone numbers and addresses for your hard to find interest owners.